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Here at Oleander Piercing, we only use the best body jewelry this industry has to offer us. If you are curious about the companies we order from please feel free to send us a message! All of our jewelry abides by the standards of the Association of Professional Piercers.


For initial piercings we only use:

-Solid 14k and 18k yellow, rose and white gold that is free of nickel and cadmium.

-Implant Grade Titanium (Ti6a14V ELI that is ASTM F136 Compliant)


-Lead-free borosilicate glass or fuzed quartz glass.

-We use genuine and semi precious gemstones of the highest grades available.

-All synthetic gemstones are from Swarovski.


We only use press fit and internally threaded jewelry for all initial piercings. All of our jewelry is free of nicks, scratches and burrs and have a lovely high polish finish. All of our gemstones are quality genuine and semi-precious, and our synthetic stones and opals are from Swarovski. All gemstones and synthetic gemstones are hand set, so no glues or adhesives are used and they will not discolor or fall out of the settings. Only the best for our clients!

Always wear the best jewelry in your body!


Externally threaded jewelry has threading on the bar that can cause damage when inserted into the hole, even with completely healed and older piercings. This type of jewelry is usually a lower grade metal that can irritate your piercing as well, even if it's healed.


Internally threaded and press-fit jewelry is smooth with a high polish. This style has the threading or pin on the ball or gem and not on the bar itself which means it slides in and out of the piercing smoothly and does not damage your piercing. The difference is uncanny, don't you think?


Press Fit (threadless) Jewelry and Internally Threaded Jewelry VS Externally Threaded Jewelry

How Body Jewelry Works

Here's a general diagram of how your jewelry works.

It's important to always make sure that your jewelry fits appropriately. Well fitted jewelry prevents snagging or possible migration of the jewelry. We encourage you to check your jewelry from time to time to make sure everything is tight and nothing is coming loose!

Don't forget to wash your hands before touching your piercing or inserting jewelry. :)

If you can't figure it out, please come in for assistance! Make sure your piercing is fully healed before you remove your jewelry and if you're not sure if it's healed, you know where to find us. :)

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