Covid 19 and Oleander Piercing Client Guidance

These guidelines are in effect until otherwise stated. We cannot make any exceptions.

Last update August, 8th 2020 to the Travel Advisory & Mandate

Oleander Piercing and the public need to abide by a set of guidelines in place through Massachusetts with suggestions from the CDC. This is not only for your protection, but also our own. Because of this, we have a new set of studio guidelines for clientele after we re-open, and we ask that you read through all of this information before coming into the studio.

Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in non-entry to the studio.


To abide by social distancing guidelines, we will be by appointment only until further notice and will not be accepting walk-ins at this time. This is for all services, including jewelry purchases. You can schedule an appointment here through our website.

  • When you arrive for you appointment, please call so we can let you in.

  • We will have new temporary hours when we re-open.


  • You will be screened with a simple questionnaire and your temperature will be taken to ensure you are free of any Covid-19 related symptoms.

  • You will be asked to use hand sanitizer.

  • If applicable, we may ask that you disinfect your ID and credit card. Please have these pulled out and ready.


A face mask is required to enter the studio. The mask must be an ear loop style mask that completely covers your mouth and nose (no bandanas or scarves please). Do not touch or remove your mask in the studio. We will provide hand sanitizer if you happen to touch your face, mask or piercing. Please do not wear gloves in our establishment.



Due to mandated mask requirements in our state, we cannot offer services under a mask. This means no nostril, septum or oral piercings until further notice. This includes jewelry changes in the nose or mouth as well. We can still sell you jewelry and teach you how to change it. Please become familiar with your sizing and jewelry requirements because we will not be able to check for you in person. We can do a virtual meeting to try and determine your jewelry sizing if necessary, just message us!


To reduce our risk of exposure, we will not be allowing more than one person in the studio at a time. The only exception is if you are a minor who needs to bring in a parent/guardian. Only one parent/guardian can accompany you. If you come with a friend they will be asked to wait outside. 


We ask that you continue to practice social distancing in the studio, so please keep six feet from all staff and clients unless otherwise noted. Please stay at least six feet from any client who may be waiting outside. There will be social distance guidance posted in the studio.


For the time being, we are not accepting cash. This is to help minimize our exposure risk. We prefer touch-free payments like ApplePay or through our Square appointments app, but we will also accept credit/debit card payments.


  • We ask that you do not touch your face, face mask or piercing in the studio. We will offer hand sanitizer if you accidentally touch your mask, face or piercing.

  • Bring only what you need, like your ID and credit card. Leave everything else in your car if possible.

  • Do not touch or use your cell phone in the studio.

  • No food or drink is allowed. We have water available upon request.


Effective August 1st, 2020, all visitors and returning residents entering Massachusetts must follow new travel orders, including self quarantine for 14 days. States exempt from the quarantine order include Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey and Hawaii.

  • If you are traveling from any other state, please reschedule your appointment and quarantine for 14 days unless you can produce negative Covid-19 results. The Covid test must be administered up to 72 hours prior to your arrival in Massachusetts. This is a requirement of the Massachusetts Coronavirus Travel Order, which you can read more about here.

**Rhode Island travelers are no longer part of the quarantine order beginning August 7th. If traveling from Rhode Island for non-essential activities you are required to quarantine 14 days unless you have a recent negative Covid-19 test. This is a requirement of the Massachusetts Coronavirus Travel Order. 


  • If you are visiting from out of state or have traveled in the last two weeks leading up to your appointment, Massachusetts requires a 14 day quarantine. Please come in another time.

  • If you are/were sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick, please do not come in for at least two weeks.

  • We are monitoring temperatures at the door. If it reads over 100.4 F (38 C) degrees, we cannot allow entry.

If you cannot abide by these guidelines, please do not come into the studio until you can or we will ask you to leave.

We are taking every precaution necessary to keep our studio clean and to keep us and our clients healthy.


We appreciate your understanding and patience while we get through this. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you,

Cale DiFrancesco, Owner

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